Christa M.

Undergraduate Recipient

"Describe an achievement or rewarding experience that you are most proud of accomplishing while living with CF, and how it has molded the person you have become."

The biggest achievement that I am most proud of while living with Cystic Fibrosis is my academic performance in my high school years. I have maintained a GPA of approximately 4.0 even though I had to miss school due to many CF clinic appointments and hospitalizations for IV antibiotics. I worked hard everyday and I am committed to maintaining my goals and succeeding during my high school years. I am also proud of the various volunteer hours I have performed. Joining The National Honor Society, Eternal Operation Gratitude Club, Livestrong Club, and The Key Club has allowed me to help many other people in need all while keeping my lungs healthy. Even though many people think of CF as a struggle, I have taken it in a different way. By succeeding in these achievements, I consider CF a challenge that can be overcome for me. I learned how to balance a life of doing nebulizers, taking medications frequently, completing schoolwork, and being able to keep a teenage social life. As a result of the support I have gained from my family and friends, and the daily responsibilities I never fail to accomplish, Cystic Fibrosis has given me a feeling of pride and satisfaction. Having this disease has led me to keep a positive attitude and remember that getting everything accomplished each day is a new goal. It has encouraged me to help others. People have their struggles but mine has turned me into the responsible person I am today.


Christa M.'s Artwork


The video is a look back at my life’s events and things I’ve been able to achieve despite having Cystic Fibrosis. The highlights include graduating from high school as a member of the National Honor Society, working for charities (including the CF Foundation and the American Cancer Society), and participating in dance class and other activities to help keep my lungs healthy.

Christa M.'s Achievements

  • The Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Walkathon
  • Cystic Fibrosis Teen Website, Active contributor
  • Dance Team, 5-year member
  • The National Honor Society, Member (Junior and Senior year)
  • The Key Club, Member Junior and Senior year
  • The Eternal Operation Gratitude Club, Member (Junior and Senior year)
  • The Livestrong Club, Member (Junior and Senior year)
  • The Future Business Leaders of America, Member (Junior year)
  • The Spanish Honor Society, Member (Sophomore and Junior year)