William L.

Undergraduate Recipient

"Describe an achievement or rewarding experience that you are most proud of accomplishing while living with CF, and how it has molded the person you have become."

This year I received recognition for earning ten varsity letters in cross-country, tennis, and swimming and four captainships during my four year high school career. I have a lot to be proud of over my years in high school, but I consider these athletic achievements as victories against CF. CF's negative effects on lung function and my health in general have a significant impact on my athletic ability, so it gives me pride to conquer this debilitating disease.

My freshman year I had the best 5K time for any freshman cross-country runner in my league. The next year my throat culture came back growing pseudomonas. When the oral and IV antibiotics failed to eradicate the problem, my running abilities dropped. Although I was upset that my times were worsening, after all the effort I put in to drop ten minutes the previous year, I continued to push myself each and every practice. Even when I dropped to a middle of the pack runner, my coach saw the dedication that I brought to practice every day and named me a captain of the team my senior year. I am proud that I gave it my all, and instead of excusing my poor performance due to my illness, I pushed myself to do as well as I physically could. There is a great deal of merit in working as hard as you can to accomplish a goal no matter what obstacles might be in your way.


William L.'s Artwork


I based my creative piece off of the phrase “CF does not define me”. I spelled out the words with my different treatments to show the array of pills and nebulizers that I have to do to keep healthy. I think that phrase perfectly explains the relationship between CF and me. CF definitely has a major impact on my life but the sports, clubs, academic teams and my passions along with CF mix together to define the real me.

William L.'s Achievements

  • Model United Nations, Member and chair of multiple committees
  • Providence Great Strides Walk-a-Thon, Volunteer
  • Varsity Cross-Country team (2010 – 2013), All-SENE (15th overall in league) (2010), Most Improved Award (2012), Captain (2013 season)
  • Volunteer at a local daycare (2010 – 2014)
  • Varsity Tennis team (2011 – 2014), Captain (2013 – 2014), 2nd Team All-Division Doubles (2014)
  • Varsity Swim team (2012 – 2014), Captain (2013 – 2014 season), Most Improved Award (2012 – 2013), Coach's Award (2013 – 2014)
  • Acoustic Band Club, Founder (2013), President (2013 – 2014), Community Council Award for being a very active and influential club on campus
  • Lifeguard at Highridge Swim and Tennis Club (2013 – 2014)
  • President of Frisbee Club (2013 – 2014)
  • Academic Decathlon school team, won Gold in Mathematics, bronze in economics and language and literature, and 3rd best overall score in the scholastic division (2014)