Grant K.

Undergraduate Recipient

"Life can be a series of challenges or opportunities depending on how you approach it. As you enter adulthood, how have you conquered a difficult task to turn it into an opportunity? As part of your essay, please explain the significance of your creative presentation to your journey with CF."

Have you ever heard someone tell you that life isn't fair? They are absolutely right. Some people are poor, some people lose their families to natural disasters or famine, others lose their loved ones to car accidents or diseases like cancer. You can add a multitude of things to this list but the term "unfair" barely begins to scratch the surface of the injustices of this life.

Do you think a 16 year old boy wanted to hear that he had Cystic Fibrosis? Do you think that he wanted to hear that his life would be a repeating pattern of coughing, digestive issues, and vest treatments? Worst of all, do you think he wanted to hear that they may have already lived half of his life at the age of 16? Of course not. No one wants to be given this news. But the sad truth is sometimes that's what life hands you and what you do with your circumstance defines who you are.

However, "sick" and "weak" are two words that I would not use to describe myself. I choose to see CF as something that sets me apart from the rest. It makes me unique. While one would assume that I am weak and hopeless because of CF, Jesus imparts his strength and hope to me through his death on the cross! My creative presentation is about my redirection from hopelessness and death to being full of hope and life through Jesus who saved me.


Grant K.'s Artwork

Grant K.'s Achievements

  • Student Council Association - President (2014-2015)
  • National Honor Society - President (2014-2015)
  • Class Office - Vice President (2013-2015)
  • Youth and Government Club - Director of Legislation (2014-2015)
  • Chambers Singers/ Honors Choir (2014-2015)
  • Debate Team - Forensics Honor Society Member (2011-2015)
  • Youth Group - Assistant Youth Pastor (2011-2015)
  • American Legion Member (2013-2015)
  • Rotary Club of Bridgewater - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Participant (2013-2015)
  • Rockingham Memorial Hospital - Grounds Attendant (2014-2015)