Olivia B.

Undergraduate Recipient

"What inspirational advice would you give to others with CF entering high school or college? As part of your essay, please also explain the significance of your creative presentation to your journey with CF."

Cystic Fibrosis is not something I look at as a burden in my life. Instead, CF is something I adjust my life around in order to live the healthiest and most normal life I can. As a senior in college, the best advice I can give someone entering high school or college is always put your health first. To do that, multitasking is a great way to stay healthy and get tasks done. As demonstrated in my creative presentation, my morning is unique because I get up extra early in order to fit in my breathing treatments and medications. Most of the time while doing my treatments I am getting ready for school by either styling my hair, putting on makeup, etc. While doing treatments, I also work on homework and study, which keeps me not only compliant with my CF, but also compliant with my studies. My presentation is aimed at showing that while yes I live with CF, it does not mean I cannot live the life I choose. I choose to manage my Cystic Fibrosis all while juggling academics and extracurriculars during my years of schooling. I performed this quite well in high school, and it carried over into college. Without being healthy, the many opportunities I achieved and continue to achieve in my life would not be possible. I make sure CF does not define me as an individual, and I work my life around Cystic Fibrosis in order essentially to stay healthy and happy.


Olivia B.'s Artwork

Olivia B.'s Achievements

  • Co-President - Kappa Delta Pi National Educational Honorary (2014-Current)
  • Secretary/Founding Member - Heidelberg Student Education Association (2013-Current)
  • Campus Editor - The Kilikilik (School Newspaper) (2014-Current)
  • Member - Women's Leadership Initiative (2012-Current)
  • Dean's List All Six Semesters of College (2012-Current)
  • Alpha Lambda Delta Freshmen Honorary (2012)
  • Team Leader- Great Strides Walk (Raise awareness and money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) (2011-Current)
  • Volleyball Club Coach (2014-Current)
  • Pen Pal Program Coordinator with local third graders through Heidelberg Student Education Association (2015)
  • Girl Scout Outreach Program Co-Coordinator through Women's Leadership Initiative with local middle school age girls (2014)