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Holly B.

Undergraduate Recipient


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My grandfather is the best man I ever had the pleasure of knowing. His positivity radiated through any room and turned every frown into a smile. The lessons I gathered from his modeling in my childhood molded my mindset into what it is today. I was taught to never view the obstacles given to me to me as setbacks, but instead as challenges that I will overcome. As I watched my grandfather go through cancer I never noticed a glimmer of sadness and even a minor complaint was unheard of. His mission was to teach me to be brave because he knew I had a life ahead of me in which I would continue to battle Cystic Fibrosis. My grandfather refused to let me see a despondent attitude from him. To strengthen his spine he would walk laps around his neighborhood in a heavy army helmet which forced him to stand upright regardless of the pain he experienced. My grandfather is the definition of both a fighter and courage. I aspire to be as tremendous as this man was. I will never allow myself to feel sorry for my circumstances and pity the struggles I face. Instead, I shall rejoice the opportunities I have been given and work daily to bolster myself. My creative presentation represents that I am just like everyone else, yet different. I’m capable but at the same time my CF sets me apart as a fighter. I will never permit it to hold me back.

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Holly B.'s Achievements

  • Girls School Tennis Team (Every year of high school)
  • Elected Junior Marshall
  • "Volunteen" (teen volunteer) at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
  • Bernard H. Thomas Leadership Academy at Davidson County Community College (Summer of 2014)
  • End of the Year School Awards Ceremony 2014 - Most outstanding student in "Foods" (elective), Honors Biology, Honors Health Team and Honors Algebra II
  • End of the Year School Awards Ceremony 2015 - Top student in Honors Chemistry, Pre-Calculus Honors, Health Science and Advanced Placement Psychology
  • Great Strides for Cystic Fibrosis Walk/Fundraiser
  • Member and Officer in Training of Health Occupations Students of America/HOSA Club (Each year of High School)
  • Member of National Honors Society, BETA Club, and Mu Alpha Theta (Junior and Senior Year)
  • "Fan Drive" for local senior citizens through Winston-Salem Senior Services (Freshman Year)
  • Peer Tutor in Math at High School (Junior and Senior Year)
  • Dog Food Drive (Sophomore Year)