Jessica F.

Undergraduate Recipient

"A year from now, what advice might you give to your past self that could help you overcome any obstacles you are currently facing? Explain how this advice could help you live your life with CF to the fullest potential right now. As part of your essay please also explain the significance of your creative presentation to your journey with CF."

My pulmonologist's goal has been to keep my lungs as healthy as possible. He explained that damage to my lungs will most likely not be repairable when the cure is found so I need to put my boxing gloves on each morning and keep fighting until that historical day comes.

Recently, I have endured two "tune-ups" or CF exacerbations which included hospital stays and home-care intravenous antibiotic therapy plus sinus surgery on my 21st birthday. Dealing with cystic fibrosis related health issues are nothing new for me; however, this past year and my latest tune-up, things were different. I put my boxing gloves on, only this time, I did everything on my own. For the first time, I checked myself into the hospital, I stayed overnight in the hospital alone, and I took on the 24 hour responsibility of administering the home-care IV therapy single handed for two weeks. All this while attending school full-time and taking midterms. I not sure where my courage, determination and/or strength came from, but it came and I succeeded.

If there are obstacles to overcome a year from now, the advice I would give myself is to remember how I independently and successfully dealt with last year's misfortune and to believe in my proven abilities. I now know I can take care of myself and can live my life as an independent person. I will continue to put on my boxing gloves each morning until that historic day when I won't have to.


Jessica F.'s Artwork

Jessica F.'s Achievements

  • 6abc's Creative Services - Promotion Department Internship Program, March 2016 - Current
  • "Hero" Speaker, Delaware Valley Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Chapter's largest gala raising $950,000, November 2014
  • WHYY Film Awards, winner 1st place for documentary "2 People in 1 Body," Philadelphia, PA, October 2013
  • Greenfield Youth Film Festival, winner 3rd place for narrative "A Difficult Appointment," Glenside, PA, May 2013
  • Deans Selection Review Committee, Academic deans are reviewed every five years by faculty, students, and a college advisory board member. Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, January to May 2015
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Youth Advisory Council, committee leader developing policies to enhance a patient's hospital experience, Philadelphia, PA, 2011 - 2015
  • DNEWS, videographer and editor for Drexel's award-winning news show, 2014 - current
  • Internship with pharmaceutical company, Bridgewater, NJ, June to September 2014
  • Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, assist with all philanthropic and community service events, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, 2013 to Present
  • Team leader, "Jessica's Team", for Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Walk-a-thon Fundraiser, Philadelphia, PA, 2011 to Present