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Samuel L.

Undergraduate Recipient


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As I reflect on my journey with Cystic Fibrosis, with all its twists, turns, peaks, and plunges, I realize there is one person who is so absolutely essential to my well-being that I can only sit in awe at her inspiring dedication: my mother. Indeed, my mom was there when I was diagnosed, sitting in front of the doctor, scared and overwhelmed. She was there when I learned how to pronounce, “Cystic Fibrosis.” She was there when my lung function dropped thirty points in high school. And just recently, she was there when I was listed for lung transplant.

My mom cut short her career in education in order to raise her three children. Last year, she moved with me to another state to help me with my health while I attend college, leaving her life back in her home state, only returning in the summer. My creative presentation, a poem about CF, is dedicated to her. The poem showcases the hope that I place in future treatments, while confronting the harsh reality of living with CF. The structure is rigid, with about six syllables per line, in order to represent the confinement of living with CF. Yet, the content displays a tempered optimism for the future. In many ways, the poem’s conflict between hope and stern structure represents my mother’s cheerfulness and seriousness in the face of my CF. Her sacrifices not only inspire me, but give me a duty to live with joy and rationality.

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Samuel L.'s Achievements

  • Math Team, Captain, 2014-15
  • Cum Laude, 2015
  • Senior Class Award, 2015
  • The Barbara Lisanne Ayers Memorial Award for Outstanding Scholarship, 2015
  • Model United Nations, 2014
  • Mock Trial, 2014
  • NYSSMA for Alto Saxophone, 2013
  • Upper School Musical/Play, 2012, 2013
  • Portledge Arts Scholar, 2015
  • Tufts Premedical Society, 2015-2016