Holly B.

Undergraduate Recipient

"In honor of the 25th anniversary of the AbbVie CF Scholarship, choose an event (personal or cultural/historical) from the past 25 years and describe how it has impacted your journey with CF."

My freshly completed Freshman year of college was a life changing experience. College in itself is difficult but when it's coupled with having cystic fibrosis, it becomes an enormous learning opportunity and chance for personal growth. For the majority of my life my mother was heavily involved in my cystic fibrosis routine. I slowly started taking on more of the responsibility myself throughout the years and had assumed most of the involvement of managing my disease for many months before starting college. However this included summer months which made it much easier to establish my routine. I thought I had it under control. Then I was left alone with my medicines, medical equipment, and sterilizing equipment in a dorm room one day last August. Mom was no longer across the hall. I've always considered myself to be disciplined and responsible but I have grown tremendously in these areas in the past nine months. I had to squeeze treatments in between classes, studying, homework and hopefully a little bit of social time. I was now going to doctor's appointments alone, making my own medical decisions, staying on top of the many needed prescription refills, administering IV antibiotics through a picc line alone in my dorm room, etc. This experience has taught me that I am fully capable of managing my disease and if I can do it with all the demands of college, I now have the confidence that I will be able to thrive throughout my life. I grew up.


Holly B.'s Artwork

Holly B.'s Achievements

  • End of School Year Awards Ceremony 2016 - Top Student in Honors English
  • "Volunteen" at a local hospital/trauma center with 240 hours of service
  • Member of the Girls High School Tennis Team - Freshman through Senior Years
  • Member of BETA Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honors Society, Health Occupation Students of America during high school
  • Volunteer, Participant and Fund Raiser for CF Great Strides Walks annually
  • Bernard H. Thomas Leadership Academy - Leader/Mentor to Elementary School Students Summer 2014
  • Volunteer Community Services such as "Fan Drive" for local seniors and "Pet Food Drive" for local shelters, Local Family Resource Center worker,
  • End of School Year Awards Ceremony 2014 - Most Outstanding Student in Foods, Honors Biology, Honors Health Team Relations, Honors Algebra II
  • End of School Year Awards Ceremony 2015 - Top Student in Honors Chemistry, Pre-Calculus Honors, Health Science and Advanced Placement Psychology