Leah H.

Undergraduate Recipient

"In honor of the 25th anniversary of the AbbVie CF Scholarship, choose an event (personal or cultural/historical) from the past 25 years and describe how it has impacted your journey with CF."

The biggest event that has shaped my journey with Cystic Fibrosis was my discovering a passion for science. I have always enjoyed science, but its true impact unveiled itself in my AP Biology class this year. In the first semester, we did a lab on karyotyping. The lab focused on the process and understanding what it indicates for the subject behind the test. During this time, I was having a karyotype done myself to indicate if my genes would allow me to qualify for a new Cystic Fibrosis treatment. Although I did not qualify for the new treatment, this new knowledge of karyotyping and scientific advancements shaped the decisions I would make about the next part of my life. I spoke to one of my teachers, a three-time breast cancer survivor, about what we were doing in Biology. She told me that as part of her treatments she went to see a Genetic Counselor. The more she told me about it, the more clear my path became. After hearing and experiencing the impacts being made in people’s lives by genetic science, I have decided to study Genetics. Because I now have a better understanding of this field of study and the positive influences it has, I feel driven to make these impacts myself.


Leah H.'s Artwork

Leah H.'s Achievements

  • Graduating with Summa Cum Laude, honors, as a NHS member and a Stem diploma
  • Member of National Honors Society: 2016-2017
  • In STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Program: 2013-2017
  • Active participant in Carolina Cross Connection: 2010-present
  • Speech and Debate: 2012-2017, Secretary: 2015-2016, Debate Captain: 2016-2017
  • Peer Tutor in Math and Biology: 2015-2017
  • Internship at Colonial Insurance Services: 2014-Present
  • Habitat for Humanity 2016- Present
  • GSA (LGBTQ alliance) club leader: 2016-2017
  • Revolutionary Work Day Volunteer: 2009-Present
  • Bethel United Methodist Church Youth Group Leadership Team: 2015-2017