Lisa D.

Graduate Recipient

"In honor of the 25th anniversary of the AbbVie CF Scholarship, choose an event (personal or cultural/historical) from the past 25 years and describe how it has impacted your journey with CF."

There are few times in one's life where life-changing events happen. Events that completely change your path in life, such that you refer to memories as either "before this event" or "after this event." While my Cystic Fibrosis diagnosis was one of those events, it has not been the most significant event to me in the last 25 years. My diagnosis merely gave a name to my problems and provided an explanation of the symptoms I was experiencing. It helped me seek the doctors, medications, and therapies that I needed, to stay healthy. My diagnosis didn't change who I was. I refuse to let it define my last 25 years. The most significant event from the past 25 years that shaped my life with CF, was the birth of my children. Life "before children" was a life solely about me. When making choices to better my health or not, I only had to determine how it affected me. However, "after children" I no longer just thought about myself. Since I have CF, my children are automatically carriers of the disease. Therefore, any scientific advancement or cure will not only impact my life, but the lives of my children and future grandchildren. In addition, when making decisions about my health, it's not just me that I think about. It's my kids as well. I must maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay ahead of my disease for my kids too. They need a mom and eventually grandma, for their kids.


Lisa D.'s Artwork

Lisa D.'s Achievements

  • Peer Tutor - While in pharmacy school, I was a tutor in Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology and Pharmacology. (2016-present).
  • Student Pharmacist Volunteer - Volunteered at both the Drop-In Clinic and St. Vincent DePaul Clinic serving the the underpriviledged populations of the area (2016-present)
  • Admissions Committee Member - Active member on the College of Pharmacy's admissions committee. (2016-present)
  • SSHP Clinical Skills Competition P1 Winner - Used clinical pharmacy knowledge to analyze a case study and provide appropriate therapy (2016)
  • Research Assistant. Currently investigating how well pharmacy students are trained in appropriate management of patients with substance abuse issues. (2017-present).
  • High School Science Teacher - Taught Biology, Chemistry and Earth Science at a local school. (2011-2016).
  • Juggernaut Award - This award is given to one exemplary teacher who goes above and beyond to help their students succeed. (2015).
  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Leader (PBIS) - Collaborated with a team of faculty to identify positive interventions that could be implemented to prevent negative behaviors. (2014-2016)
  • Health Fair and Vaccination Clinic Coordinator - Facilitated a vaccination clinic at each of the six schools in the district. I worked closely with the pharmacist who managed these clinics and administered the vaccinations. (2013-2016).
  • Mentor to a Student Teacher -Educated and mentored a student teacher on the necessary skills to ensure success in their educational career. (2016).