Katherine L.

Graduate Recipient

"As you pursue your dreams of higher education, describe what changes you would like to see in the CF community. What steps would you take to initiate these changes?"

Within the CF community, I see a need for more services to help with the psychological impact of CF. A primary reason I am pursuing my PsyD in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in health psychology is because I have witnessed the mental toll that CF takes on a person. While CF clinics have begun to integrate psychological screenings into their annual appointments, and many have added a psychologist, there is still not enough emphasis on how to move forward to make long-term changes to a person’s psychological wellbeing. I plan on working to see how psychological intervention has been utilized in other health populations to make similar advances in the CF population. Additionally, I plan to research different aspects of psychological wellbeing in the CF population to help healthcare providers gain a better understanding of the needs of people with CF. While so many incredible medical advances are being made allowing people with CF to live longer, we need to look at the broader picture of how a person’s mental health will evolve throughout these life stages. I would like the CF community to feel happier, more fulfilled, and have the best resources available when we are not feeling as well as we could be. This begins with better screening tools, and recognizing the need to include psychologists in an integrative approach to treating CF. I want to be a part of the movement that creates the gold standard for psychological treatment in the CF population.


Katherine L.'s Artwork

Katherine L.'s Achievements

  • Health Psychology Concentration Group of Widener University
  • Therapist at Chester Community Physical Therapy Clinic
  • Presenter at the 2018 Western Pro Bono Conference (Presentation titled: Mending the Mind While Mending the Body)
  • Forensic Psychology Research Group of Widener University
  • Therapist at Aquila of Delaware (Substance Abuse Center for Adolescents)
  • Intern at New York State Family Court Drug Court
  • Employee of the Wolfgram Memorial Library
  • Employee for home based ABA treatment
  • Zeta Tau Alpha Alumni
  • Psychology Club of Florida Southern College
  • Student Government Association, Fourth Year Senator of Florida Southern College
  • Psychology Research Student at Florida Southern College
  • Volunteer at the Great Strides Walk
  • Volunteer at the Race for the Cure
  • Volunteer at St. Augustine's Soup Kitchen
  • Volunteer at Parker Street Ministries