Kristy O.

Graduate Recipient

"As you pursue your dreams of higher education, describe what changes you would like to see in the CF community. What steps would you take to initiate these changes?"

It is so important to me that individuals who are involved in the CF community are able to obtain the education they need to be the best advocate for themselves that they can be with regard to their health. I feel that many people in the community struggle with feeling that their health is out of their control; and while that is true to some extent, there are many measures we can take to bring some control back into our own hands, and that includes being the best advocates for ourselves and our health. As I push through my education, I feel that I am gaining invaluable experience that will aid not only in my life and professional skills, but all with regard to maintaining my health and making effective decisions. In order to bring this idea to the CF community, I plan to do what I do best -- and that is to write. I currently maintain a blog that tells the stories of inspiring individuals with CF. Through my blog and social media, I plan to expand my goal to more than just inspiring people but also to educate them about how important it is to become educated so that we can best advocate for ourselves and take the most control over our health that we can. Education is the best form of self-defense out there.


Kristy O.'s Artwork

Kristy O.'s Achievements

  • Freelance Web Producer at News 12
  • Active Volunteer at Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Caretaker for individuals with disabilities at Independent Support Services
  • Academic Tutor for pre-algrebra, algebra, Spanish
  • Substitute Teacher at Vincent Smith School
  • Gymnastic instructor at Dreamnastics
  • Woman of Achievement 2016 Recipient at LIU Post
  • Candidate for Valedictorian 2016 at LIU Post; graduated with 4.0 GPA unweighted
  • Student Honoree at LIU Post Gala 2016
  • Proficiency in Spanish and American Sign Language