Vincent A.

Undergraduate Recipient

"As you pursue your dreams of higher education, describe what changes you would like to see in the CF community. What steps would you take to initiate these changes?"

As medication and therapies advance, adult transition is an area that I would like to see some changes made within the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) community. Although there are many resources, there is no central hub where we can discuss issues regarding our disease while transitioning to adulthood. Having cystic fibrosis can be overwhelming. Finding a balance between therapies, relationships, academics, and daily regimens is challenging to handle individually. New topics such as insurance, fertility, and diabetes arise. We have to become more educated, responsible, and advocate for ourselves in new ways. Having a central hub where adult CF patients could connect and discuss concerns and share information would be beneficial. Not only could this improve mindset, but it could reduce duplication of efforts by allowing individuals to share and give recommendations based on their personal experiences.

Technology is a powerful tool that our community can benefit from. I would like to see a social media application created for the adult CF community. Proof of diagnosis would be a requirement, thus deterring outsiders from joining and giving biased or irrelevant information. The application would have categories such as those mentioned above. Adult CF care centers could promote the application as patients transition from pediatrics to adults. Cross contamination issues limits our community from interacting face to face. Creating an application where adult CF patients can tap into resources and have online “face to face” discussions will help individuals manage their disease while instilling a sense of community.


Vincent A.'s Artwork

Vincent A.'s Achievements

  • Part-time employment at Arizona Reptile Center 2017- Current
  • Eagle Scout Rank Boy Scouts of America 2014
  • National Honor Society 2015-2017
  • Principal's Academic Honor Award 2014-2017 (requires 3.5 or higher GPA and honors course)
  • City of Chandler Inspiration & Community Service Award 2014
  • East Valley's Boys Service Club "Above & Beyond" Community Service Award 2014 (extraordinary number of service hours)
  • Chandler Future Farmers of America Scholar Award 2014-2017
  • Future Farmers of America Agricultural Proficiency Award for Speciality Animal Production 2016
  • Chandler Future Farmers of America Vice President of Community Service 2015-2016
  • City of Chandler IMPACT Scholarship Recipient