2013 Thriving Student Recipients:

Undergraduate Student
James D.

2013 Thriving Student Recipients:

Graduate Student
Sarah M.


ABBVIE CF Scholarship

The ABBVIE CF SCHOLARSHIP was created to honor young adults with cystic fibrosis as they pursue goals of higher education.


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Undergraduate Recipients



Graduate Recipients


2013 Scholarship Overview

  • 40 AbbVie CF Scholars will be selected to receive $2,500 each for use during the 2014-2015 academic year based on established criteria, including academic record and extracurricular activities, essay and creative presentation.
  • AbbVie continuously seeks new ways to enhance the AbbVie CF Scholarship. In honor of the 22nd year of the scholarship program, each scholar will be given the opportunity to compete for one of two Thriving Student Scholarships (based on level of study) for a total amount of $22,000 each. It is not necessary for applicants to have taken, currently take, or intend to take in the future, any medicine or product marketed by AbbVie, and this will not be a consideration in the recipient selection criteria.

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